Social media is everywhere. It has integrated into our lives to a point where people now spend up to three hours on social media platforms each day.

Social media has also integrated into the business world. It’s providing countless opportunities for business growth and over 70% of marketers believe that…

According to Investopedia, the startup failure rate is 90%.

This rate may indicate that a majority of startups don’t survive, but more importantly, it indicates that 10% of startups survive and even thrive.

So how do some startups survive while others fail?

A common trait among most successful startups is…

59% of the global population uses the internet, 67% owns a mobile device and 43% uses social media. It’s a digital world and digital marketing is here to stay.

According to CMO, around 87% of marketing budgets will go towards digital marketing by 2022. …

Green e-commerce is booming. Although good, this growth means more competition. Throw in some millennials and you have yourself some tough work.

Why millennials?

This generation not only makes up the largest segment of the current consumer base, but it’s also well-known for demanding only the best products and services.

Naume Guveya

I use content marketing writing and content strategy to help sustainability-focused, tech and finance brands increase their leads and ROI.

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